Sunday, 21 February 2016

You Can Learn Anything

As my half term holiday comes to an end, I have spent today preparing lessons for my students. 

Whilst looking for suitable motivation for the bottom set students who make up most of my classes, I came across this video from the Khan Academy.  They provide free education (to anyone!). 

So if you feel like you missed out when you were at school, here is an ideal opportunity to catch up - your own personal development.

I love one of the lines from this video:

"Thankfully we're born to learn."

So as we get ready for a new week, students and teachers in the UK get ready for the second half of the Spring Term, here is an ideal opportunity to open our minds to what lies all around us - the opportunities to learn. 

Let's grasp them with both hands.  Now that really is 'Personal Development'!

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