Saturday, 20 February 2016

Give away your best content.

It sounds counter-intuitive to give away your best content.

Surely you should be charging for this?

I have heard this many times from a wide variety of people.

I am currently listening to a live Q&A session with John Assaraf on business questions.  He is doing this totally free, answering questions which are being asked by people on the session. 

He is giving so much great information from his vast experience.  It is really useful to listen to and there will be a replay to go back over the information.  So why would you do it?

I go back to my own experiences, particularly as a teacher.  I often go beyond the specific topic I am teaching. 

I know that this is helping my student, but it also helps me too.  I think more about how things link together.  I think about how I can move things forward.  I feel better about myself and importantly my student knows that I care enough about them to give more than the basic information about a particular topic.

Two comments I have just heard from John Assaraf are:

"Whatever you do, make it remarkable so that people remark about it." 

"Get out of convincing people and get into serving people at the highest level possible."

I think this tells us all we need to know.  Be generous and that generosity will be repaid.

If you want to learn from a very generous man then I would say check out the information that John Assaraf shares.  I am learning from him every day!

Let me know what you have learned from John.  Have you just found him from my blog?  Do let me know!

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