Saturday, 27 February 2016

Why I Was Terrified of Tony Robbins

We all have our fears.  Some are greater than others.

Some of those fears are a mere inconvenience, but others can severely restrict how we function or move forward in everyday life.

So initially the title of this 5-minute video from John Assaraf surprised me.

Until I listened to what he had to say.
In 2000 John was looking at himself as a comparative beginner alongside Tony Robbins who was already an established and successful motivational speaker and coach.

I look at the work done by both Tony Robbins and John Assaraf, from which I have learned so much.  I am currently in that place of being afraid that I am not good enough or able to do what they do.

Yet I know that with dedication, hard work, continual learning and especially knowing how to overcome the tricks that our minds play on us, we can retrain our brains to recognise these fears, reframe and release them and so move forward to take action.

I have been following Neurogym (of which John Assaraf is the Founder and CEO) for several years.  Over the past year or so I have been following the Winning the Game of Money program.

This has opened up my knowledge about brain retraining and is a subject I shall return to frequently.

This video, though, ended with a call to sign up for a encore presentation of his Winning the Game of Fear program.  Although I have been aware of this and followed some of the short videos which accompany the program, I have decided that it is time that I take full action on this.

I have plans to make quite dramatic changes in my life.  It is exciting yet scary at the same time.

However I know that with the right help, education and support I can and will move forward.

I think John's words are giving me another kick in the right direction:

"Fear is one of the silent killers holding most people hostage."

I am not prepared to be held hostage any longer.  I wish to fly!

Have you used any of Neurogym's programs?  Do let me know what you think about them.  I look forward to your comments.

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