Sunday, 28 February 2016

21-Day Happiness Challenge

Today I had an email from Mindvalley entitled "The Story of the Most Viral Happiness Article on Facebook".

I always open emails from Mindvalley because their content is consistently excellent, but this definitely intrigued me. 

The email told the story of the blogger and writer behind the blog, Luminita Saviuc.

"Over the summer a few years ago, Luminita wrote a blog post on happiness. It was a casual post called "15 Things To Give Up To Be Happy". The post stayed on her blog attracting a few visitors for many months. And nothing much happened as she continued her amateur blogging career while working at Mindvalley as a course designer. 
But then something weird happened.
That post began to touch a nerve. People started sharing it and sending it to their moms, friends, lovers and co-workers. The 15 Things Luminita suggested we give up to be happy - seemed to resonate with a LOT of people.
In a few short weeks the post got shared 1.2 MILLION times on Facebook. Making it quite possibly the most shared personal growth article on social media.
And more than that - she was asked by Penguin books to turn the ideas into a book."
"Now Luminita's book is coming out soon, and she's launching another 21 day challenge. This time on happiness. And open to you. 
She calls it the 21-Day Happiness Challenge."
I have decided to sign up for this challenge.  After all we all deserve to be happy! 
It starts on 1st March (less than 48 hours from now).
Let me know if you have decided to join in too!  

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