Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Journey in Personal Development

My journey in personal development has lasted for several years already.

It has taken me through highs and lows, wrong turns and straight paths.  It continues ahead of me through each day and in all circumstances.

As a teacher, I am used to preparing information into manageable chunks.  I am continually developing my own professional knowledge and skills.

Yet amongst the busyness of our everyday lives it is far too easy to miss out on learning for ourselves, on developing our own thoughts, experiences and mindset.

A search engine returns about 285 million results for the term 'personal development'!  Where on earth do we start?

My journey so far has taken me through areas such as traditional business professional development, religion and science.  Reading and studying; learning new skills for the world we live in.

Probably one of the most important sources of help has been learning from some of those who have spent a great deal of time studying this huge subject.  People such as John Assaraf at Neurogym, Vishen Lahkiani at Mindvalley, Dr Joe Vitale and Tony Robbins.

Their output is enormous and sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start.

Which course should I follow?  Is it right for me?  Is it the right time?  Is it worth spending my money?

I am writing this blog from my own experience.  I will post articles and videos that I find helpful to me and, I hope, to you as well.

I know that everyone is different and some content may not be right for you - please just scroll by if that is the case.

In particular, I look forward to interacting with other people on the same journey, wherever you are along your own path.

So please introduce yourself below and let me know what you think. I am looking forward to our journey together.

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