Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Release and let go

Day 2 of Luminita's Happiness Challenge is about release and let go.

We frequently hold on to things; ideas, situations and relationships which are doing us no good and we should let go of them.

REMINDER: Today’s happiness theme is “release and let go.”Are you holding onto something you need to let go of? Are you ready to let go?
Following on from my post yesterday about difficult students and being able to forgive myself, I know I also need to take the next step to release my feelings about that behaviour.

Are those students deliberately trying to provoke me to see how far they can push it?

Are they trying to do anything they can to stop them having to do work during the lesson?

Do they want to be seen as the student who has the most power in the classroom?

Are they trying to gain attention at any cost?

(The answer, in some cases, is probably 'yes'.)

And probably the biggest reason?

I teach the bottom sets and students who struggle with maths.

By the time that they are teenagers, many of them will have spent several years believing that they are useless, thick, unable to do maths and so they have learned strategies to cope with with a subject they believe is hard and even beyond them.

I love supporting students who have had difficulties learning a subject.  Most of my work has been in small groups and one to one.

I know that is where my strengths lie.  So teaching in the classroom has not always been easy for me.

Sometimes I berate myself for my inability to help the students in the lesson, or control their behaviour.

But I know I have to release those feelings and let them go. I and they need to be able to move forward, not get stuck in what has happened.

What do you need to let go from your life?

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