Friday, 4 March 2016

The Best Motivational Videos 2016 ► FOCUS ◄ This Will Change Your Life

Tony Robbins has had an effect upon a huge number of people - from huge life-changing to small 'aha' moments.

In this 7-minute video Tony talks about focus and the six human needs - in his own inimitable style!

 "How do you make sure what you do really works?
Model someone who is already successful."
There are so many examples out there that we have to decide which one suits us individually.

Yet there are also universal truths:
" Why reinvent the wheel?  Success leaves clues."
So if we are going to focus on things in our lives we need to make sure that they lead to positive decisions because "decisions shape destiny."

How would your life have changed if you had made different decisions?  What changes can we make now by having a different focus?

Over the past 2 or 3 years my focus has been changing.  That change has begun speeding up more recently and I know that more major changes are happening in my own life.

That is why I shall be modelling someone who is already successful.

What about you?

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